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We carry authentic Swami Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Dr. Rajiv Dixit Audios and many other reputed brands, we have the largest variety available in North America

Ayurveda is an ancient traditional medicine used in India for more than five thousand years and makes use of the natural herbs for treatment of various diseases. The treatment and the Ayurveda formulations that go into it has been recorded and has been handed down over the ages. The benefit of Ayurveda Products is well known and there has been found side affects to be next to nil in this form of treatment. Despite advances in various forms of modern medicine, Ayurveda still finds its usage purely for its chaste benefits.
Now a days more and more doctors are realizing the benefits of natural resources such as plants. The herb has worked for over 5000 years by many cultures as the Sumerians, Greeks, Egyptians, Arabs, Romans, Germans, Swiss and English. Unlike conventional medicine, herbal medicine used to treat not only the symptoms or conditions. The herbal preparations helps to prevent disease, improves the body system and mental attitude so the diseases can’t stay in the body which leads to cure and not just killing symptoms. Natural remedies can be used to treat areas of the digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, immune, endocrine, nervous, cleaning chemicals, hair and nails.