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02 Aug Giloy
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Texts of ayurveda and ayurveda acahryas have lauded medicinal properties of guduchi. This medicinal herb is a climber and known as Tinospora Cordifolia or Guduchi or Giloy. In ancient times the whole plant was used to treat different conditions. Now the extract of guduchi or giloy is encapsulated in capsule form and is being used by ayurvedic pract..
02 Aug Curcuma
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In recent years using curcuma for its healing benefits has become increasingly popular the world over. This is due to the fact that it is used in the management of many common health problems, is a known antioxidant, and is also used in the prevention of cancer.What is Curcuma?Curcuma is a component of turmeric. It is a powerful natural substance a..
02 Aug Brahmi Herb
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Brahmi is a world renowned herb for its effectiveness in memory boosting and promoting mind alertness. It is also commonly known as Indian pennywort and Bacopa monnieri in Latin. It is widely used as an antioxidant and in improving the brain cell functions. It helps in increasing mental capacity and decreasing mental stress. It is believed that due..
15 Sep Moringa
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Have you ever been to the tropics? If so, chances are you have already seen a moringa tree. It's a conspicuous vegetable tree that can grow up to 10 meters tall. Most of the time, though, the tree's cultivated and trimmed down to about 1 meter in height so that its small, roundish leaves and "drumstick" immature pods can be easily harvested.Moringa..
15 Sep Ashwagandha Herb
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Regarded as the ultimate adaptogenic tonic by the traditional system of Indian medicine, Ashwagandha, scientifically known as Withaniasomnifera, is considered to be 'the natural stress buster' due to its ability to make the human body and mind cope well with the ill-effects of stress. Commonly found in India and North America, the plant is known to..
15 Sep Shallaki
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Boswellia serrata in the biological name of the very renowned ayurvedic herb known as shallaki. Shallaki is more commonly known as salai guggulu in Indian native language as it possesses similar properties as of guggulu (commiphora mukul).It has a medium height tree with a girth of about 3 - 5 ft. it possess trunk, which is reddish green in appeara..
15 Sep Self-Care
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Self-care is the foundation to thrive in your life (personal and professional). Taking care of yourself means paying attention to your physical, mental and emotional needs. Self-care promotes the production of “feel-good hormones” in the body resulting in healthier body and mind.In this article, we will discuss the reasons you should pay attention ..
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