Texts of ayurveda and ayurveda acahryas have lauded medicinal properties of guduchi. This medicinal herb is a climber and known as Tinospora Cordifolia or Guduchi or Giloy. In ancient times the whole plant was used to treat different conditions. Now the extract of guduchi or giloy is encapsulated in capsule form and is being used by ayurvedic practitioners in many health conditions.

Guduchi or giloy is helpful in several health conditions. Few of them are listed below.

Antihelmenthic - In intestinal parasites - Guduchi has antihelmenthic properties. Regular use of this herb helps to increase the resistance of intestine to intestinal parasites.

Anti inflammatory in joint pain: Tinospora cordifolia is very helpful in conditions like arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis etc where joint pain is a common symptom. It helps to reduce pain and swelling of joints. Giloy also helps to rejuvenate joints and increases their mobility.

Anti pyretic: Use of guduchi is of immense help in uncontrolled fever. This herb helps to bring down the body temperature when used along with other antipyretics. Texts of ayurveda praise the efficiency of guduchi in controlling jwara (fever).

Chronic cough: Giloy helps to reduce chronic cough. It boosts immunity of lungs and helps in expectoration. Chronic smokers are benefited by this herb. But cessation of smoking is very essential to reap the benefits.

Aphrodisiac: Guduchi is a very good rasayana (adaptogen) and vajikara (aphrodisiac) herb. Its regular use helps to detoxify male reproductive system and rejuvenate it. Due to its adaptogenic and aphrodisiac properties giloy helps to increase sperm count, sperm motility and erection time.

Brain Tonic: Guduchi acts as Medhya Rasayana or Brain tonic by increasing mind powers like comprehension, memory and recollection.

Blood purification: Tinospora cordifolia helps to remove toxins from blood. It acts as a detoxifying agent. Toxins accumulated due to alcohol and tobacco consumption can be expelled by regular use of this herb.

Immunity booster: Guduchi is a known immunity booster. It expels toxins from body and rejuvenates it at tissue level by boosting their immunity to diseases. Guduchi helps to increase number of white blood cells. Regular use of giloy helps to resist diseases like common cold, cough, fever, leprosy, jaundice, arthritis, etc.

Anti diabetic: Tinospora Cordifolia is known to reduce glucose level in blood. This wonder herb helps to control uncontrolled blood sugar along with other anti diabetic medications.

Hepatoprotective: Rejuvenation and protection of liver: Giloy helps in rejuvenation of liver. It helps to prevent fibrosis and stimulates regeneration of hepatic tissue. Usage of giloy immensely helps in fatty liver. Persons, whose liver is taxed by consumption of alcohol and junk food, can be benefited by regular use of this herb. But withdrawing from alcohol and junk food consumption is absolutely necessary before consuming this herb. Tinospora cordifolia is a liver strengthening herb.