Boswellia serrata in the biological name of the very renowned ayurvedic herb known as shallaki. Shallaki is more commonly known as salai guggulu in Indian native language as it possesses similar properties as of guggulu (commiphora mukul).

It has a medium height tree with a girth of about 3 - 5 ft. it possess trunk, which is reddish green in appearance with a pleasant aroma. Possess small leaves similar to that of a neem tree. Small white colored flowers that blossom in winder season i.e. in January to march. Fruit is triangular in appearance and is about one and a half inch in diameter. Which fruits in February to march. There is resin that comes out of the tree hence it is used for medication purposes. Plant is found in middle and western part of India

The herb is ushan virya in potency so it acts on all the vata disorders. More over it possess kashaya, tickt and madhur rasa that makes it kapha suppressant. Therefore shallaki possess the qualities, which suppress the disorders created by vata and kapha dosha. It contains triterpenoids called boswellic acid

Indication of shallaki

· Due to presence of ushan virya potency it is supposed to suppress vata thereby helps in relieving pain, as vata is cause behind every pain.

· It works as anti inflammatory substance which is helpful in curbing any kind of swelling and pain due to presence of boswellic acid.

· Shallaki is indicated in arthritic problems like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, and joint pains, skeletal muscle pain.

· It is also indicated in lymphadenopathy and back pain.

· Boswellic acid also aid this plant in reducing any tumors.

· This herb also possess anti cancerous properties.

· It works in eliminating nay foul odor .

· It also acts in eliminating any pest in the surroundings.

· It is very commonly used as wound healer herb and used on any kind of injury to make it heal faster in efficiently.

· A well known herb for increasing vision of eyes.

· It is very commonly used in increasing the intelligence levels and increasing mental concentration therefore helps in toning up of brain.

· It is very helpful in indigestion, constipation, tastelessness, intestinal disturbance and stomach disorders.

· It helps in dissolving away with the toxin name ama formed in our body.

· It is very helpful in diarrhea and dysentery condition.

· It helps in proper functioning of liver and its secretions i.e. bile juices.

· It is considered one of the best mouth freshener and increases the functioning of taste buds to normalcy.

· This herb has proved its worth in heart related ailments.

· A wonderful herb which work as an expectorant and helps in eradicating extra mucus in the respiratory tract.

· Shallaki also helps in fighting against the urinary tract infections. Also works as diuretic.

· It also acts as aphrodisiac agent thereby helping in increasing the sperm count and quality.

A single herb and so many uses makes shallaki one of the best herb which ayurvedic doctors had discovered centuries back to make people relieved from the suffering the they are suffering.