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Vedic Tribulus 500mg

Vedic  Tribulus 500mg
Vedic Tribulus 500mg

Vedic Herbs Tribulus 500mg

NPN: 80072269

60 Caps

Tribulus has played a vital role in Ayurvedic, Chinese, and European medicine for centuries. In Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, it has been applied as a remedy for urinary and reproductive problems and fatigue. Similarly in Europe, Tribulus has been used to address urinary and reproductive problems; it’s also been used as a mood enhancer.

Soviet men have treasured this herb as a tonic and for its ability to stimulate hormone production. Based on this effect, it became a popular supplement for body-builders and athletes. This use for Tribulus continues today and recent studies have validated its traditional, identifying the active compounds that provide positive benefits for men’s health.

Other common names:

  • goat's-head
  • bindii
  • bullhead
  • burra gokharu
  • bhakhdi
  • caltrop
  • small caltrops
  • cat's-head
  • devil's eyelashes
  • devil's-thorn
  • devil's-weed
  • puncture vine
  • puncturevine
  • tackweed

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