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Magnetic Copper Jug 1.25L

SOLD OUT Magnetic Copper Jug 1.25L Yoga/Acupressure

Water stored in Magnetic Copper-ware is the boon of life , it helps to regulate digestion and cardiac order-the basis of good health.

Copper is a time tested metal use ful in human life. In the morning drinking 1.25 Ltr. water kept in Magnetic Copper Jug helps with many ailments and deficiencies of human body like constipation fatness, piles, diseases related to stomach, liver & skin. Also it can help with female ailments like acne, pimples, leucorrhoea and increases Vitality and smartness. Method of Making Magnetic Water : Put drinking water in the copper magnetic jug. The water gets magnetized within 12 hours. Boiled and Micro Filtered water is adviceable for better health. 

Copper Therapy is based on the idea that conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis result from a copper deficiency in the blood. Copper is important, as it is one of the 25 essential minerals utilized in the human body. It is used by cells to process oxygen, to produce energy and also fight cancer-causing free radicals. Copper also stimulates collagen, which gives connective tissue in our bodies its strength and resistance. Copper is also vital to the nervous system. Magnetic force Omni present magnetic force is remarkable used in modern medicine of a diagnosis and treatment. Magnets also improve metabolic activity of each cell, blood circulation, bio-energy flow and oxygen level. It helps in rejuvenation of cells, tissues, gland and nerves. It relieves from aches, pain and makes you free from disease, depression and tension.

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