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Vedic Herbs

Vedic Herbs

Vedic Herbs

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Akarkara Root Powder 114gms

Vedic Akarkara Root Powder 114gmsAnacyclus Pyrethrum..


Arjuna Terminalia Powder 114gms

Vedic Arjuna Terminalia Powder 114gmsTerminalia Arjuna..


Sumeru - Shindhav Salt(Rock) 400gms

Saindhav – the Himalayan rock salt, pink salt or Halite has been revered as the most superior &..


Vedic Tribulus 500mg

Vedic Herbs Tribulus 500mgNPN: 8007226960 CapsTribulus has played a vital role in Ayurvedic, Chinese..


Vedic Adusa 500mg

Vedic Herbs Adusa 500mgBotonical Name: Justicia adhatodaNPN: 8009014760CapsThe plant is effective in..